Stop the helipad from coming to the Point of the Mountain!

The Crosspoint Development - 166 E Highland Dr (Across from Chevron)

  • This development includes a hospital with a trauma center and helipad.

  • This would create massive amounts of traffic and noise that would disrupt our neighborhood.

  • The exemption to build taller than normally allowed will destroy the amazing views from parks and homes.

  • We have several hospitals and urgent care facilities nearby, this is unnecessary.

  • POTM is a world-renowned paraglider site and it could be crippled by helicopter traffic.

  • Restaurants, retail, and other shops would be a great addition and fit into the neighborhood in this location.

  • Do you want the noise from a hospital/heli pad with buildings over standard height in your neighborhood?

Location of the development

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 3.21.14 PM.png
Noise Comparison Chart

Each 10-decibel increase in sound level is perceived as approximately a doubling of loudness.

A helicopter at 100 feet is 50% louder than a jackhammer.


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Live vote:
Nov 9, 2021 @ 7pm
Location: Draper City Hall - 1020 E. Pioneer Rd


Stop Taller Buildings!

The Draper City Planning Comission has recommended a 45' height limit for this development with 10' for auxiliary equipment. The developer is still pushing for 70'!

Listen to the whole thing or skip to 2:51

Listen to the Developer@ the City Council meeting
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"This view situation… It should be considered that we have made an attempt to accommodate …if we don’t have any approval here we have no reason to make those accommodations to push the buildings forward. They could be built right up just like the other properties." - Sam Wilkinson of Wilkinson Capital


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